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Sonny is the skater behind YAMBA SKATE SCHOOL. With 30+ years of skating experience under the belt Sonny wants to help others enjoy what has been a integral part of his life. Starting in the 80's and rolling through the 90's, 00's, and the 10's Sonny has skated the highs and lows that each era of skateboarding has seen.

Born in Grafton and growing up in the Clarence Valley, Sonny's skating has taken him to many parts of Australia and overseas -including a Melbourne X games. This has been instrumental to the development of lifelong friendships and connections with people from every walk of life and all parts of the globe. Therein lies the awesomeness that is skateboarding - a "sport" that allows you to be yourself, have your own style but become part of a community that cultivates lifelong doesn't get much better.





80's,90's,00's and 10's - Sonny has watched skateboarding progress through these changing eras. These are some of his favourite shredders over the decades - 


Ray Barbee is remembered and recognised for his inherent fluidity, spontaneity, and modesty in a career that’s touched more than skating. Barbee was instrumental in changing the face of skateboarding through his introduction as the next generation of Powell Peralta’s Bones Brigade. He progressed street skating with both his incorporation of step-hops and endless lines, but also as one of the first African American street pros in history.


Known as "The Boss" and crowned Thrasher Magazine’s 1998 Skater of the Year, Andrew Reynolds is one of the most influential legends in skateboard history. He first picked up his skateboard at 9 (just like you kids!) and has since become the founder of Baker Skateboards, which has epitomised one of the most recognisable styles in skateboarding. 


Vans says it best -  " came John Cardiel to up the stoke and remind everyone that it’s all skateboarding. Focused on fun, progression, and the adrenaline of the journey, Cardiel’s skateboarding became the gold standard of spontaneous insanity." Winner of the 3rd Thrasher Magazines skater of the year, Cardiel epitomises the resilience and discipline of many skateboarders when he overcame spinal injuries sustained after being run over by a trailer. It was thought he may never walk again but in 2015 he featured in Vans video Propeller. 


Not only did Australia's Jackson Pilz win Slam's 2017"Australian Skater of the Year" he also took the credits for Street Leagues "Kickflip of the Year".  

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