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In order to get to know our Team a little better we asked em' a couple of Q's. Marley surprised us with his answer for fav thing to skate and we had to drop a question regarding scooters due to it's insensitivity🤣. Have a read and learn more about your local shredders...




1. How long have you been skating & what got you started?

When I was 13 my mum got me a Vision complete setup. I rode that around for like 2 years but never learnt more than a 5050 on the quarter pipe. I started getting into it properly at like 15, actually watching skate videos and trying to learn more.

2. What are you doing when you're not skating?


3. Favourite thing to skate?


4. What's your preferred board set up?

8.25 deck Passport, 54 Spitty's, Ace 44's

5. Which member of the Bones Brigade would you be?

Lance, for the style.

6. Pro's & con's of skating in the Clarence Valley? Is there much of a skate scene?

There are spots around but not many of them are very easy to skate, they're either stupidly gnarly or small and in hard places.

7. Worst/best slam?

Worst and best was a pole jam to hill bomb on High Street. I landed it and bombed the hill and cut through a little sand patch and kept bombing the hill but the filmer missed it. So I was doing it again, only made it to the sand this time and got smoked, hit my head, shoulder and hip real bad and just grazed my back a knees (Did it the day before and hit my head too). Went on a skate trip to Coffs at lunch time and was so hyped up after that we skated until 1 in the morning.