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Recognisable by his permanent helmet, mismatched socks and unwavering enthusiasm for skating, Taj is our youngest rider at 12 years old. Taj is a real role model for the all the groms out there, and maybe us oldies too. He embodies the perseverance and patience it takes to progress as a skater and is a pretty rad kid too. We know we love to skate with him. Keep shredding Taj!




1. How long have you been skating & what got you started?

Started getting into it properly at 5 when I got my first G & S for my birthday. I got into skating cause my sister Bailee was really into it so we were always at the skatepark.

2. What are you doing when you're not skating?

Surf, playing basketball, riding my moto, running amok with my mates and hanging with my dogs.

3. Favourite thing to skate?

I love skating anything but I think I'm a bit better at street.

4. What's your preferred board set up?

I'm currently riding an 8.0" Hoorang deck with my old faithful Indi Trucks. I like my Bones wheels but I've just put fresh spitfires on so that set-up is going pretty good.

5. Which member of the Bones Brigade would you be?

Andy Anderson - he's really creative and he shreds anything.

6. Pro's & con's of skating in the Clarence Valley? Is there much of a skate scene?

Cons: Gets so crowderd in the holidays and besides Yamba, a few of the stud parks are over an hour away.

Pros: There's some pretty rad street spots. And everywhere you go you meet some pretty rad crew to skate with.

I think there is a great skate scene in the Clarence Valley! I think it's widely accepted maybe because of where we live on the coast and a lot of kids grow up surfing and skating helps a lot with that and it's a pretty active community.

7. Worst/best slam?

It was at Currumbin and we had just dropped my mum at the airport so it was a night skate. I was hooning around a corner and went to go up what I thought was a bank, but ended up being a short steep vert so I went flying in the air, came down and slammed hard with my thigh on the coping. I corked it that bad we thought it might be broken. Swelling was huge and the pain was horrible. Didn't end up getting it checked out and was all good after a few days.